Multiplayer events

Multiplayer events

20/11/23 (Ipsonas C’ Primary School, Limassol, Cyprus – Educational Institution prioritising on Intergenerational Learning and Solidarity)

The Info & Networking event (Multiplier Event) in Cyprus, took place at an Educational Institution in Limassol, which is specialising on Intergenerational Learning and Solidarity in the content of innovative educational initiatives. It was an honour for BONDING project to be hosted in a thematic-area related environment and an honour for CARDET to be collaborating with this new educational setting, thanks to BONDING project and the BONDING Multiplier event.
The event, which was attended by 30 participants, was successful process- and outcomes-wise. It all started with participants’ registration, who, though they did not give their consent for videotaping or audiotaping, they welcomed photos taking throughout the event. CARDET facilitator welcomed everybody at the event, thanked the Director for their hospitality and invited the participants to present themselves by sharing their name, organisation, and their favourite intergenerational activity. The latter was an ice-breaker, which attempted to make participants comfortable with each other and the facilitator.

PCG Polska
03/12/23 (Dąbrowa Górnicza, Poland)

PCG organized an event in Dabrowa Gorniecza on December 3, 2023, aimed at presenting the concept of intergenerational solidarity and befriending.intergenerational solidarity. At the beginning of the event, the Bodndung Project was talked about, then Dr. Robert Seliga held a 45-minute lecture on “Possibilities of building bridges between generations. Digitalization without barriers.” Dr. Seliga presented and discussed the basic barriers behind the exclusion of people over 65 in Polish society. The barrier presentation was based on the results of scientific research available in the contemporary scientific literature.

KMOP Social Action and Innovation Centre
04/12/23 (Athens, Greece)

KMOP realised the Multiplier Event of the Bonding project on December 4th 2023 in Impact Hub in Athens. In total 36 individuals attended which was coordinated by Dr. Antonis Klapsis, Vice President at KMOP and Assistant Professor at the University of Peloponnese. Georgia Alexandrou, project manager of the Bonding Initiative, introduced the concept of intergenerational solidarity and befriending services.

KMOP Skopje
13/12/23 (Demir Kapija, Macedonia)

The Multiplier Event focused on fostering intergenerational solidarity and learning by fostering friendships between young individuals and the elderly. It served as a platform to bridge the gap between generations and create meaningful connections. The primary goal was to facilitate meaningful relationships between youngsters and the elderly to encourage mutual learning and support. The event featured interactive sessions, group discussions, and collaborative creative activities designed to promote understanding, empathy and coming true to real bonding experience between generations. The event commenced with an opening address by the facilitator, providing a comprehensive overview of the project’s outcomes. Given that a segment of the participants had previously engaged in the piloting session, they were already well-acquainted and informed about the project and its initiatives.

Fundación INTRAS
21/12/23 (Valladolid, Spain)

The event took place in a high education centre based in Valladolid that provides programs in Compulsory Secondary Education, typically attended by students aged 12 to 16, and Upper Secondary School, catering to students aged 16 to 18. Additionally, it offers vocational training in Social Integration, Early Childhood Education and Promotion of Equality, accommodating various age groups. We found it pertinent to engage with this specific demographic—students over 18 and professors—given the nature of this project aimed at youth. Notably, students will benefit from the results of the project, while those trained in Social Integration will also be able to take advantage of these resources for their future professional endeavors.